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A Message from Rabbi Zev

Dear Friends,

I can’t believe I am only in the fourth month of my tenure here, but what an amazing first three and a half months we have had, full of meetings, both business and social meet and greets; holiday celebrations,- Purim, Pesach, Shavuot- each special and well attended; high energy Shabbatot; and a wonderful Shabbaton celebrating the Temples 18th anniversary and my installation as Rabbi, and not to leave out the concert. (Kudos to all involved!) No one can say we haven’t been busy and full of activities! 

But now…Ah… the lazy days of summer...a time to unwind and relax… well for some at least; for me, it is a time of travel, study, singing, searching and preparing.  As you know I was a Cantor way before becoming a Rabbi, and each June I look forward to the Cantors convention.  It is a place for me to “recharge my batteries” sort-a-speak and reconnect with colleagues and friends.  There is so much new music that gets shared, that it is almost impossible not to get at least one or two stuck in your ear!  Upon returning, it will be time to prepare for the High Holy Days in full swing.

Rappin’ with the Rabbi was a huge success in June, it is being repeated on July 8th at Dunkin’ Donuts on 446 (9-10:30) with more dates and locations coming in the future.  Beginning in July, on Tuesdays (7/9,16,23) I will be offering a Beginners Hebrew class as well as a refreshers class.  Also in July, there will be the “How to chant Torah” class.  If you are interested, please let me know. July 17th, from 10-11:30, I am bringing in my friend and colleague Rabbi David Kane to teach an intro to Kabballah class.

And finally, with summer upon us, free time and vacation mode setting in… it is the perfect opportunity to expand our horizons…add a mitzvah to our normally full lives.  Why not volunteer somewhere, feed the homeless, help out around the Temple, take action for a cause you are passionate about…the opportunities are endless, make this summer experience a Jewish summer experience.

Enjoy the Summer!

B’Ydidut- In Friendship

Rabbi Zev
By’didut - In friendship

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