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Our President's Message


Experience the Excitement.

Once upon a time in a far off distant land, a group of individuals met unexpectedly. They had come from many different directions; however some greater force had brought them together. After talking and sharing they realized their common denominator was their religion, they were the wandering Jews. After much socializing and rejoicing their excitement and enthusiasm led them to meet for prayer and friendship, this attracted more people, and this led to the start of a congregation. It was not to long until land was purchased and a Temple was built. The members of this New Jewish Congregation were filled with excitement joy and RUACH. They knew that not only had they built a home, they had built a beacon to attract others looking for a spirited Jewish presence. New people came to the Temple and said very nice, I like it, but something was missing. Was it that they did not feel the excitement of watching the Temple being built?  Why was their experience different? How could they feel the same excitement and joy of those enthusiastic founders, ready to pass on the torch.


Of course you recognize this story, it is ours.

The excitement and enthusiasm, coupled with the joy and pride can and should belong to everyone. We are making changes that will have long lasting effects, and you are the architects of our future, just as our founders were. While today we are not forming a new congregation, we are as a congregation making ready for many ideas to come to fruition and serving us for many years. Join in our progress, be part of our committees, help us shape Temple Shalom The Next Generation  Our founders did the hard work and received the benefits of putting down that good solid foundation, they are enjoying their hard work which includes their vision of being a Temple for Jews of the future to be part of.  Now we have the opportunity to add our touches to it and keep moving it forward for others coming behind us. Our opportunities are endless, and we have the chance to have our input forever put on the future.  Feel the joy when you say ” I had a Hand in this”.  I remember how we struggled to make this real, and now look it. Can you imagine how you will feel when for the first time, a new person enters our synagogue and smiles at the beauty and warmth, and you can tell them the history that you were part of. This is exciting and we welcome and want all congregants to feel the excitement and join enthusiastically as we journey into the future.


Steve Lowe

President, Temple Shalom

Torah Restore  at Temple Shalom of Central Florida
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