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We welcome your participation in this years High Holy Day activities at Temple Shalom of Central Florida. If it is your custom to make a donations as it is ours, we appreciate you doing so.

Zoom Access to High Holy Days Services

• $54 out of Tri-county area family member 

• $72 out of Tri-county area non-member

• These are exclusively out of tri-county rates

We encourage you to become a 5782 High Holy Day full access member with our limited time special offer.

Contact us with any questions.

Most Major Credit cards are accepted with Donate button below. Your support of Temple Shalom of Central Florida is always appreciated. 

Temple Shalom is a  registered 501(C3) non-profit, religious organization.  Your may qualify for the maximum tax treatment allowed by law. You should consult your tax advisor for details regarding the treatment of your donation.


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