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New Beginnings......

After Rabbi Zev conducted his first service with us on February 8th, it became apparent to me that we made the right choice. It reinforced the fact this his warmth, his demeanor, and his knowledge would all make him a wonderful spiritual leader. He reached out to the congregation, and it was touching. He has a beautiful voice and a good sense of humor.

What I love about Reform Judaism, is that I can participate, I can understand the proceedings, and I can sing through the ritual with our terrific choir. Sometimes, though, it feels good to sit back and listen to the music, the beautiful music that brings joy to Shabbat.

I can sense that Temple Shalom will grow in membership and participation. Members are coming forward with ideas, and you will be witnessing involvement and many programs on the horizon.

It stirs within me the excitement of new beginnings, and knowing that I will be looking out and seeing happy faces whenever I'm at my Temple.


Sandy Solomon
Temple Shalom President

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