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Our President's Message

Where are we? Where are we going? This continues to be the question we ask. This April we gather once again to tell, as we have done for thousands of years  the story of the Exodus.

Imagine if you will, leaving all you know behind.
Imagine if you will, moving away not knowing where you are going.
Imagine the confusion that must have existed.
Imagine the joy of freedom from slavery.
Imagine the faith that was needed, to overcome the fear of the unknown.

We of Temple Shalom are also on our own journey, and like our ancestors we are not certain how it will turn out. We have been moving forward for the last 13 years into our own promised land. We have been given the leadership to guide us forward from a small tribe of come together Jews, to a large Family of Friends Known as Temple Shalom Of Central Florida.

Like our ancestors we have engaged in conflicts that have been at times troubling, however also like our ancestors we have risen above to recognize that while we might have different ideas this is a positive not a negative. We might not have separate tribes, however different groups make up our family and we must always remember that we need to work together.

We are on our way from the past to the future, and while we do so let us remember to enjoy the journey. IN THIS Passover season may you and your families enjoy health , happiness and the joy of freedom.


President, Temple Shalom


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President of Temple Shalom Central Florida
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