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Temple Shalom Sisterhood is a dynamic network of 250 women who touch nearly every aspect of temple life. Sisterhood members form lasting friendships as they support temple events, and raise funds for Temple Shalom and charities throughout the tri-county area. Oneg Teams demonstrate the dedication of Sisterhood members week after week. Monthly meetings feature lively speakers, a luncheon, and games to extend the sociability.


As we March along to Spring, Sisterhood celebrates the lengthening days and leafing trees by holding events that lighten our spirits and stimulate our minds. This month’s Rosh Chodesh meeting celebrated the New Moon and New Month Adar II. [This year is Leap Year so there are two Adars.] I presented “Rosh Chodesh and the Women Movement.” Jean Gaull conducted a calming meditation and everyone enjoyed the afternoon. Marsha Riefs heads a Rosh Chodesh Planning Committee. To join, please email Marsha at


Our well-attended March Luncheon/Meeting featured the mesmerizing women’s acapella group “Women in Harmony.” The group was great...even courageous as they encouraged us to sing-a-long several times. Congrats to Marlene Sontz for another excellent presentation.


For our final Carol Cohan Concert, Mizette Fuenzalida conducted an ensemble of musicians she formed known as “The Camerata String Ensemble of Central Florida.” The concert began with Mozart and ended with “Fiddler on the Roof” and was enjoyed by an audience seated in the round. Classical music lovers… we hope to book the Camerata for an upcoming Sisterhood concert.



Become a Sisterhood member and enrich your Temple Shalom experience. We look forward to meeting you.

Email for additional information.


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