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YAHRZEIT LIST  May 23 May 29

Sally Bashaway - Mother of Judith Bashaway
Rose Bass - Mother of Beverly Bass
Gerry Bee - Husband of Harriet Nelson Bee
Bessie Cohen - Mother of Charlotte Brender
Ruth Rodetsky - Former Mother-in-law of Gloria Rodetsky
Jennie Goodfade -  Grandmother of Beverly Jacobs
Jonathan Greenston - Brother of Peter Greenston
Leo Grossman - Father of Leslie Janowitz
Benti Indig - Father of Hedy Bednarz
Gerald Iskowitz - Brother of Arlene Tischler
Nancy Fisher Jones - Mother of Kathy Bronshtein
Eric Levine - Husband of Carol Levine
Cecilia Medeiros - Mother of Anna Greenston
Joseph Rib - Father-in-law of Sondra Rib
Noah Rodkin - Grandson of Lawrence & Renee Rodkin
Clara Rosenberg - Mother of Doreen Hankin
Earl Rostolsky - Father of Alvin Rostolsky
Harold Edward Saul - Husband of Eve Saul-Young
Rebecca Saus - Mother of Fay Golomb
Ellen Dorthea Schultz - Sister of Eve Saul-Young
Estelle Schwartzman - Mother of Lois Venus
Berton Short - Brother of Michele Short
Stanley Singer - Brother of Jerry Singer
Phyllis Trilling - Sister of Alan Gelber & Lynn Shipman
Shirley Oken Zinman - Mother of Karen Lege


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